The Hungry Witch’s Brew


Start the pot.
Start the pot.
Stoke the fire.
Make it hot.

Follow now my recipe.
Follow VERY carefully.

Fry demon dumplings,
spooky steaks,
rainbow rice
and rattle snakes.
Grate googly eyes
of ghostly ghouls.
Slice smelly socks
from silly fools.
Find five live worms,
charm army ants,
one vampire vest,
his cloak,
his pants.
Add bad bats breath
and camel dung
mixed with whispering
zombie tongue.

Stir the pot.
Stir the pot.
The witch’s brew
is getting hot.

Bring beetle bums,
three sneezy bees,
catch fishy pong
smelt on the breeze.
Nine nasty nails
from hairy toes,
mad monster mints,
spiced spotty nose.
Pick magic herbs
from the garden.
Bake badger BURPS!
“I beg your pardon.”

Stir the pot.
Stir the pot.
The witch’s brew
is getting hot.

Please fetch
Don’t look inside…
just grab and drag…
Then drizzle blood,
grind goblin bones,
bring constant rings
from telephones.
Tie these with bogeys,
long and green
(Give your ears a clean.)

Stir the pot.
Stir the pot.
The witch’s brew
is getting hot.

mushy maggots,
black burnt toast
and pickled moans
from next-door’s ghost.
Dredge sunken skulls
from Belching Bog.
Add cries for HELP
found in the fog.
Six sticky webs
and sewer sludge,
sliced up with
evil eyeball fudge.

Stir the pot.
Stir the pot.
The witch’s brew
is getting hot.

Slosh oil of orc,
splash stinking sin,
for crunch
add crispy kraken skin.
Plop witches warts
and bursting boils
inside the pot
with graveyard soil.
Mix blended sounds
of creaky doors
with muffled screams
and ogres’ snores.

Stir the pot.
Stir the pot.
The witch’s brew
is getting hot.

Now add the flavouring,
season to taste.
The witch is hungry.
There’s no time to waste.

Dandruff and dribble,
free cheese from the moon.
Everything stirred
with a dragon’s tail spoon.
Whisk werewolf’s shadow
with fresh French frogspawn.
Last but not least…
add a unicorn’s horn.

Stir the pot.
Stir the pot.
The witch’s brew
is REALLY hot.

Now the witch’s dinner
is NEARLY ready.
The pot is ALMOST full
and VERY heavy.

Let me taste…
But wait…
there’s something missing.
It’s not too late.

Maybe some sugar?
Or a little more stink?
My friend, please tell me,
what do YOU think?

Take a sniff…



Now mind your knees.

The hungry witch
shall eat her stew.
A dish most foul
with chunks of

© Suzanne Olivante  2002
All Rights Reserved


A Poem to Share

‘The Hungry Witch’s Brew’ is available for schools and individuals to use for free. For usage of other poems, please contact the author.

Children love to interact with ‘The Hungry Witch’s Brew’ by chanting the refrain “Stir the pot, stir the pot. The witch’s brew is getting hot,” while enacting a spoon stirring action.

When sharing the poem, please ensure the attribution © Suzanne Olivante 2002
All Rights Reserved  is included on all copies of the poem, including online publication.
** Teachers – Suzanne would love to hear news, if you have used ‘The Hungry Witch’s Brew’ poem at school.


“Do you have a favourite line or ingredient in the Hungry Witch’s Brew?
Is there anything you would like to add to the cauldron?”

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