Published Poetry


A few examples of published poems. Unfortunately I am unable to post unpublished work online, as it is considered ‘published’ once it is shared on the internet.


Sarah’s Letter to Santa
Published in ‘Christmas Poems’ (United Press)

Dear Father Christmas,

I know you’re really busy
but I just wanted to say …
we haven’t got a chimney pot.
Hope you can find a way.
Mum said it isn’t safe enough
to leave ajar the door.
I hope you don’t get breathless,
there’s no lift up to our floor.
I wouldn’t use the car park.
Do you have a sleigh alarm?
Eight reindeer raced by joyriders;
they’re bound to come to harm.
Your sleigh tagged with graffiti,
or presents lost and sold.
There’s no way you could fight them off.
I hear you’re very old.
Maybe you could use the roof?
Or hover in the sky?
Parking isn’t sensible,
I really wouldn’t try.

We haven’t got a tree this year
and that’s just simply tragic.
I’m wishing on a star …
p.s. I do believe in magic.

© Suzanne Olivante  2015 All Rights Reserved
Image source: Facebook – Poems for Children.



In 2015, the poem ‘Fully Booked’ was published in Toad Tales’, a collection of stories and poems for children, inspired by the Larkin Toads. These enormous, individually decorated toads were created for the Larkin25 Festival in Hull during 2010. The toads returned to East Riding in August 2015 for the Toads Revisited arts festival. You can view the entire collection of toads in the Toad Gallery .

Short video about the festival and toads

‘Toad Tales’ is available to purchase from the publisher Wrecking Ball PressWritten by various authors and illustrated by Alice Beasley. Below is the Typographical Toad, which Suzanne wrote about in the poem ‘Fully Booked’.


Fully Booked

I have the type of face that says
I know a thing or two, or three.
Wordy-wise, a brainiac,
I feast on books of poetry
and dictionaries, story books,
growing fat and greedier,
but now I’m feeling sick …
I tried my first encyclopaedia.

© Suzanne Olivante  2015 All Rights Reserved



‘Hiding Under the Cover’
Shortlisted for the National Literacy Trust
& Bloomsbury Children’s Books Poetry Prize 2015

Hiding Under the Cover header image 1

Hiding under the cover
waits a
flat bellied
soft backed
picture packed
Seldom scary,
rarely hairy.
Never feed it.
Keep it. Read it.

© Suzanne Olivante  2015 All Rights Reserved



I am the sound
that wails and warns
with honks and horns
that shout

I am the sound
assaulting ears
inducing fears
I startle streets
stuck on repeat
stuck on repeat.

You understand my burst of song,
but NEVER choose to sing-a-long.

© Suzanne Olivante 2011 All Rights Reserved
Re-edit of poem published in Ditty of the Month Club
May 2015


Published in ’50 Funny Poems for Children’ (Thynks Publications)


Our granny wore a secret wig –
she took it off at night
and brushed it like a furry pet,
to style the hair just right.

We stole the wig from granny’s room
and flung it in the bath –
a floating, boating hairy bowl –
we could not help but laugh.

We dried it in the microwave
until we saw smoke rise.
The oven door flew open wide
revealing a surprise.

Soft curls of grey transformed to black –
one gooey, gluey lump.
With plastic tongs we reached inside
and grabbed the hairy clump.

With scissors, razor, garden shears,
we slowly chopped away –
created spikes from front to back,
set hard with insect spray.

Each spiky tip we dipped in paint –
bright pink and glowing green
and finished off with glitter glue
to add a sparkling sheen.

That was several months ago –
now granny owns a store.
Gran loved her new designer wig –
we made her fifty more.

From near and far the grannies come
to shop at Wig-a-noo.
Today it’s ‘Buy One Get One Free’ –
so bring your grandad too.

© Suzanne Olivante 2011 All Rights Reserved


old lady zimmer


GARGANTUAN means very big,
excessively enormous,
mega, massive, mammoth size,
colossal and quite monstrous.
Astronomic, grossly great,
gigantic and tremendous,
whopping, jumbo, way too large,
immensely vast, prodigious.

Hulking, herculean,
sizeable, stupendous,
monumental, mountainous,
hefty and humongous.

So when you need a word like BIG,
the choice is multitudinous.
GARGANTUAN is far the best –
titanic and


© Suzanne Olivante  2013 All Rights Reserved
Published on the blog of children’s poet Brian Moses



Waiting For Slug


I have no feet

© Suzanne Olivante  2014 All Rights Reserved
Published on the blog of children’s poet Brian Moses

Below – Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech


Published in ‘Watcher of the Skies: Poems About Space & Aliens’ (The Emma Press 2016)

The Hungry Galactic Plug Hole

star swallower
gas guzzler
gulping garbage feeder

matter muncher
dust digester
cosmic vacuum cleaner

yawning glutton
belly button
centre of the spiral

super suction
dark destruction
great galactic gyral

beyond control
it swallows whole
you can’t resist the tug

black hungry hole
the light it stole
please someone find the plug

© Suzanne Olivante  2016 All Rights Reserved


Pillow Poem

For Poem On Your Pillow Day 2015
© Suzanne Olivante  2015 All Rights Reserved