NaPoWriMo – subscribe for Photo Poetry Prompts

You can subscribe here for Photo Poetry Prompts during GloPoWriMo / NaPoWriMothe Global and National Poetry Writing Month in April Please use the contact form and write “Prompts Please” in the comment box, to let me know you would like to subscribe. If you live in the southern hemisphere or the far east, I can send these to you earlier than the advertised time; just add your country in the comment box.

Twitter Prompts
During Global Poetry Writing Month I tweet Photo Poetry Prompts @OlivantePoetry 06:30 and 17:00 (UK time) and on WordPress at 17:00 (UK time). During the rest of the year I also tweet Photo Poetry Prompts at 17:00 on Monday and Friday.



To subscribe for news of my poetry publications, please write “News Please” in the comment box. Or please feel free to subscribe and share details of your new poetry collection. I will gladly mention your book on Twitter.

Children are very welcome to email their poetry. A page can be added on my website to publish children’s poetry.  Please write and ask for my email address to send children’s poetry or photographs of their drawings.