Day 6 – Your #GloPoWriMo #NaPoWriMo Photo Writing Prompt for Today


— **Random Imagery to Prompt Your Poetry** —

I’m really enjoying reading the variety of poetry and prompts on WordPress and social media this week. On the whole, I’m going with the flow and choosing prompts from several different sources. Yesterday, while reading a news article about an animal, the first line of a poem popped into my mind and I found myself chasing that train of thought. So my prompt came from an unexpected source.

If you are just getting started with writing poetry, here are a few ideas for working with Photo Prompts.

You can write about what you see, or the photograph can be a metaphor. The images can be starting points for developing a story, or recalling the memory of a past experience.

Contemplating the ‘what if’s’ and what you cannot see in the photograph. Asking questions: who, what, why, when and how. Those ideas can be mind mapped or sketched and then developed into prose or poetry.

The emotional and sensual qualities you mentally associate with an object or scene, can also be mind mapped and developed into a poem.
For example: a poet may initially interpret a photograph of a padlock, as a symbol of safety. But after allowing the mind to wander, may think of freedom, or imprisonment, being trapped in a situation, mental blocks, locked inside one’s self, unlocking potential, transformation, finding treasure.
Are you keeping a secret?

Or, does the image symbolise the unlocking of memories, the topic of law, cultural or environmental rules, wanting to be in control or feeling controlled, lack of access to what you need, blocks to self expression.

Describing a state of mind, an enduring situation, the diagnosis of a life-limiting illness. Thinking about the opportunities that freedom can bring, or writing about an historical figure, incarcerated or exiled.

Imagining a room behind a locked door, a happy surprise awaits. Or feeling fear, trepidation, anxiety. Who or what is waiting for you and why do you fear them?
Keeping yourself safe and secure. From what?
What is your greatest fear?
What do you avoid or keep under wraps? An addiction or habit being carefully managed. A broken heart, locked up and aching.

Opening Pandora’s box. Losing the key to the lock. Is the key a metaphor for something else?

An inheritance, an old house, garage or garden, locked up, maybe a residence or vehicle needs renovating. A new beginning. Childhood toys or keepsakes locked away in storage, memories of youth.

So many possibilities …

Happy writing, 

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Global Poetry Writing Month Photo Prompts also appear on Twitter at 06:30 and 17:00hrs (UK time) @OlivantePoetry


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