Dancing with the sounds, rhyme and rhythm of words, Suzanne’s wordery creations include: poetry, shape poems, collage poems, phoetry, plus jokes and funny announcements for children. Mainly silly, seldom serious and sometimes absolute nonsense! Occasionally she creates poems and jokes for the ‘gro-nups’ too.

Suzanne was introduced to poetry at a young age and found inspiration in the poems and stories by Edward Lear, Dr. Seuss, C.S. Lewis and George MacDonald. As a fairly new poet on the block, she enjoys exploring different styles and writes in a variety of forms; the brevity of micro poetry, through to epic Hallow’een poems like ‘The Hungry Witch’s Brew’.

Suzanne enjoys collaborating with her inner child on creative projects. She keeps a small collection of unusual stones (they all have names) and finds that living at the seaside and wearing wellington boots, makes her feel very happy indeed.

**Name is pronounced: Soo-zan (rhymes with zoo man) Ol-ee-vant (rhymes with jolly ant)

You can also follow Suzanne on Twitter @OlivantePoetry

Suzanne Olivante’s work has been placed in competitions and published in anthologies.
Her writing adventures so far include:

  • Tongue twister, illustration, graphic design and facts about the tube-lipped nectar bat published in ‘Battalion’ by Sidekick Books in Oct 2018.
  • ‘Now That I’m Headless’ – selected for Emma Press poetry anthology for children, ‘The Head That Wears a Crown – Poems About Kings and Queens’, published Dec 2018.
  • In 2017 the award winning Emma Press published Suzanne’s poem ‘The Hungry Galactic Plughole’ in ‘Watcher of the Skies – Poems About Space and Aliens’.
  • ‘Hiding Under the Cover’ – shortlisted for the National Literacy Trust and Bloomsbury Children’s Books Poetry Prize 2015
  • ‘Cerne Abbas Giant’ – shortlisted for the Flash 500 Humour Verse Competition (Third Quarter 2014). (Poem for adults)
  • ‘Fully Booked’finalist in a competition for the Larkin Festival in Hull and published in
    ‘Toad Tales’ by Wrecking Ball Press (2014)
  • ‘Wig-a-noo’published in ‘50 Funny Poems for Children’ by Thynks Publications
  • ‘Sarah’s Letter to Santa’ – published in ‘Christmas Poems’ by United Press
  • ‘My Pongy Longs’ – awarded 2nd place in the International Plough Prize Poem for Children in 2010.


  • Micro poem ‘Branch Lines’ selected for National Poetry Day 2016 by Family Arts Fest and National Archives UK (The official archive of the UK government)
  • ‘Quilty Pleasure’ self published for Poem on Your Pillow Day 2016
  • Micro poem for World Vegan Day published on Twitter
  • 1st place award – for ‘How To Throw An Insult With Shakespearean Style’for the Tweetspeak Poetry animated GIF competition 2015
  • ‘Siren’ – published in the Ditty of the Month Club May 2015 –
    on Michelle H Barnes’ blog – a word play challenge, set by author and poet Nikki Grimes.
  • ‘Waiting for Slug’ and ‘Gargantuan’ selected by one of Britain’s favourite children’s poets Brian Moses and published on the New Poems for Children page on Brian’s blog.
  • Phoetry ‘Made of Pillows’ and ‘Duvet Dancing’ self published on Twitter for the 2015 Poem On Your Pillow Day international event

adventure to be continued …